Tag: minor

  • Disappear (Full Mix)

    Rachael Yamagata

    (Cinematic/Ambient, Vocal Songs)

    A haunting ambient rock ballad with long ostinatos and a powerful vocal by Rachael Yamagata.

  • New Horizons (Full Mix)

    David Das

    (Epic Orchestral, Trailers)

    Modern epic electronica trailer with dark and hopeful symphonic elements

  • Homesick (Full Mix)

    David Das

    (Ambient/New Age, Instrumentals)

    A beautiful ambient piece featuring ethereal electric guitar and synthesizer textures.

  • Race to the Top (Full Mix)

    David Das

    (Dramatic/Romantic, Orchestral/Classical)

    An extreme sports/competition cue with a blazing rock edge, screaming horn section, and pounding aggressive drums. Available in multiple mixes, including with and without horns.

  • I Am I Am (Full Mix)

    David Das

    (Eclectic/Retro, Instrumentals)

    A subtle retro funky cue with a hooky guitar riff, horn highlights and a suave drum groove.

  • Move Your Feet (Full Mix)

    Amy Krebs

    (Pop/Rock/RnB/Country, Vocal Songs)

    A foot-tapping catchy urban RnB/soul female vocal song about dancing and moving your feet and overcoming obstacles in life.

  • Reaching Too Far (Full Mix)

    David Das

    (Indie Pop/Rock, Instrumentals)

    A driving country-rock cue in a minor key with a pounding beat and a surf-like guitar riff.

  • Bad Choices (Full Mix)

    David Das

    (Folk/Acoustic, Instrumentals)

    A laid back hillbilly country instrumental featuring mandolin accents.

  • Stray Cat (Full Mix)

    David Das

    (Eclectic/Retro, Instrumentals)

    A suave lounge jazz-funk groove in a minor key featuring Rhodes and wah guitar.

  • Bigger Boss (Full Mix)

    David Das

    (Instrumentals, RnB/Hip Hop)

    A hip hop underscore in a minor key with a signature piano riff.

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